Refund Policy

Refund Policy for items purchased in our store

Thanks for joining the registry Aesthetic Practitioners (R.A.P) . If you are not entirely satisfied with your membership, we’re here to help.


You are entitled to a partial refund if:

  • You bought an annual subscription to R.A.P within the last 30 days.
  • You have a monthly subscription and cancel within 30 days of your last renewal.

If you pay for your membership monthly you can stop your subscription in your PayPal agreement at the end of the month payment cycle. There is no refund payable to you on any days/weeks/months that you have already paid for during the time that you enjoyed full membership. Once you cancel your subscription providing there are no outstanding issues with any other member of R.A.P and no outstanding fees payable to R.A.P your account will be removed and any R,A.P. logo must be removed from your social media, paperwork or website.

If you paid for a annual subscription and 30 days has passed since you joined you can cancel your account but no refund will be issued after this time period.

Why would you want to leave? The registry is for you to show everyone how great non-medics are at their job. If you are unhappy with something maybe it can be resolved first. Speak to us before you pack your bags and go. Contact us