Aesthetic Practitioner Membership


Pay for your yearly membership by either subscription or just 1 payment per year

  • Get recognition for your skills & expertise (all members have been scrutinised for correct qualifications and training)
  • Be part of a growing community of Aesthetic Professionals who pride themselves on ethically treating their customers
  • Attract new customers who are searching for treatments on the internet.


To join the register we ask the Aesthetic Practitioners to pay a small yearly fee that can be spread out over 12 months or you can pay in 1 payment which works out a little bit cheaper

What do we spend this fee on? – We pay for the running costs of the registry, the website, hosting and people to run it and it helps towards the marketing programme we have put into to place to help R.A.P grow.

If you wish to pay by 1 payment to cover the year press add to cart above and pay through the checkout.

If you wish to pay by subscription 12 payments 1 each month click below on the yellow button.


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