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How do I register as an Aesthetic Practitioner and become approved?

To join the register of Aesthetic Practitioners Simply click the 'Register' button at the top of this page, fill out the form, and click submit... The approval process has begun. You will need to make a payment before we can assess your application. Please pay in pricing page

You will need to show certificates for the treatments that you wish to feature on your profile. You can email us as many certificates as you wish corresponding with the treatments that you would like to display on your profile.

How Do I Pay for my membership?

Please click on pricing Payments are processed via Paypal or you can request our bank details 

What are the benefits to being on the register ?

R.A.P has been created to provide a reference platform where Aesthetic Practitioners can showcase their experience and skillset. The General Public can search the registry for a suitably qualified practitioner in their area, arranging a treatment with the knowledge that you, the Aesthetic Practitioner, have passed our stringent approval process and that they are safe in your hands. You can use the R.A.P logo for your social media, website and window to help attract potential clients and we will refer clients to you in your area. People want safe treatments but are faced with a minefield of choosing a reputable clinic; Hundreds are popping up daily and over 50% are uninsured, unqualifed and unregulated.

For Aesthetic Training Companies, having passed the approval process you will now be featured on the R.A.P register. This proves that you are committed to offer correct aesthetic training through regulated or accredited courses across your clinic staff.  It shows potential students searching for aesthetic training that they can trust you to deliver standardised courses and they can attend knowing they will receive certificates that are recognised in the industry as a high standard of training. Reputation speaks volumes as there are so many unregulated, unqualified trainers in our industry that cannot be accepted onto this register.

Members can also receive discounted CPD accreditation for their non regulated courses through our affiliated company CPDAesthetics. Please contact us if you require this.

We are here to offer support to you when you need it. Our advice is free, although we are not legal advisers, we can help point you in the right directions where you can seek assistance, when you need it.

Which is the best membership choice for me?

If you are an Aesthetic Practitioner and not training anyone, please select Aesthetic Practitioner on the Register form.

If you are a company with multiple staff you will need to register as a Training Company.  Each member of staff who is training will need to prove they hold a teaching qualification and sufficient experience to qualify as a trainer. Your trainers are given free entry to register as an Aesthetic Practitioner under your training company. (upto 3 trainers will be accepted) Doubling your exposure on the register.

I have had a bad experience with one of the approved members on your registry. What Do I Do?

Any such case brought to our attention will be examined and we will investigate your claim. Our mission is to only register those who have passed our stringent approval process and working to the highest standards. Please send an email in the first instance to and we will be in touch shortly afterwards.

I'm having trouble putting the R.A.P. Logo on my website

Please email us for assistance:

I can't upload my certificates on the Register form

Please send them with your account details by email to us at:

Is this registry for UK members only?

Yes this registry is for UK members only.

What happens if I don't renew my membership?

If you do not want to renew your memership we will remove you from the registry once it has expired.

How do I edit my bio?
How do I edit my bio?

Using the top right User menu (where your name & icon are), click 'My Profile'; You will see a cog icon, click this for your option menu.

Using the top right User menu (where your name & icon are), click 'My Profile'; You will see a cog icon, click this for your option menu.

How do I close my account?

Using the top right User menu (where your name & icon are), click 'My Profile'; You will see a cog icon, click this for your option menu.