Code of Ethics

Best Practise Guidance

The R.A.P. provides a Code of Ethics for Aesthetic Practitioners and Aesthetic Training Companies and all our members have a responsibility to ensure they remain competent, compliant and act ethically in all situations.

CPD Points for Competence Most trainers/Assessors/IQAS/EQAS  are fully aware that they are still required to maintain their subject specific competence to enable them to teach individual subjects, this is normally 30 CPD hours per annum, it is your responsibility to check with your awarding bodies what they require. For Practitioners – we remind members that the fact that you may have gained any aesthetic qualification does not mean you will not be required to prove, on occasions to certain businesses, regulators or in court, that you have maintained your subject specific competence to apply the procedure to any member of the general public.

Regulated Certification – Where training companies can offer regulated certification they must do so, not opt out for a CPD certificate that is not a qualification, it is an award of points and you must not mislead potential students into thinking they are gaining a qualification. Where there is currently no regulated certificate available for the chosen subject then we recommend that courses such as Toxin and Dermal fillers be trained by a medical professional only within your academy and that the student is adequately qualified to administer the treatment. We recommend that all students for Toxins and Dermal fillers be Level 4 upwards and have Anatomy & Physiology qualifications as a minimal entry into the educational course.

Complaints –If a member of the general public complains about a treatment they have received from an aesthetic practitioner who is a member of the website we will request photographic evidence to support your defence so please make sure you take before and after pictures in all circumstances and fill out  procedure forms as without them its a lost cause and you will end up with a bad review and possibly legal complications.

Health & Safety -It is expected that all members maintain excellent health and safety records within their premises and follow full PPE and be aware of cross contamination and have appropriate qualifications for example Blood Borne Pathogens, complications and First Aid.

Insurance -All Aesthetic Practitioners and Aesthetic Trainers must have full medical liability insurance to cover all treatments and must be licenced if required by their local authority. Each year upon renewal we will request to see up to date insurance certificates and licences, without them you will be removed from the registry.

Advice for Injectors of Toxins and Dermal Fillers – We are all aware that there are significant risks when you are injecting a person with these products whether you are medical or non medical. We recommend all non medical members who are appropriately qualified to inject, that they treat Dermal Fillers as a Prescription medicine and that they have a Prescribing nurse or Doctor within reach should they need assistance or advice. Having a prescriber remotely prescribe drugs and not be within a few miles is not acceptable and is considered bad practise.

All members must agree to only administer approved drugs that carry the required certification of safety, currently the CE mark.

All members must agree to not inject or treat any member of the public under the age of 18

We support all of our members without prejudice or bias and will do our utmost to assist in any situation you feel you need help with, Our advice is not deemed to be legal advice and is only offered in a supportive capacity.