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Aesthetic Practitioners

To join the Aesthetic Practitioner registry you must complete the registration form  and make the payment of £99 in the shop, we accept all major credit and debit cards.  This begins our approval process & we will be in touch once we have completed our due diligence and request copies of your certificates.

The Registry of Aesthetic Practitioners is a much needed reference & review portal where potential clients looking for safe aesthetic treatments can search & find suitably qualified Aesthetic practitioners in the UK.

Practitioners can now register to showcase your business, qualifications, & experience, link to your website, social media and show your portfolio of Aesthetic Treatments. Potential clients can contact you directly and arrange appointments or ask questions and we can safely refer potential clients to you. 

We feature Aesthetic Practitioners who have passed our application process & who have proven qualifications and experience.  We have all heard the horror stories and the bad press on aesthetic treatments performed by medical and non medical practitioners. By joining the registry you prove that you have had the correct training and  have plenty of experience so potential clients can book with you knowing they are in safe hands.

To gain entry onto the registry you must hold accredited certificates . Note: We do not accept level 3 beauty or holistic related certificates. This registry is strictly for Aesthetics; breaking skin whether that is injectables or tattooing. If it involves a needle, blade or laser it is considered Aesthetics.

Each member can feature our logo on their website to show they have voluntarily joined the registry, completed the approval process and proudly belong to the only self regulating body for non medically and medically trained aesthetic practitioners that at last gives them credibility and a platform to show they are competent & capable to deliver aesthetic treatments based on their experience and capabilities.

The registry can be accessed by anyone, industry professionals and members of the public. They can look up your information and click through to your social media, where they can see your reviews and the information about your treatments or training. R.A.P has a programme of advertising and marketing to push you out there into the spotlight of the Aesthetic world but we need your support too. This is your registry so lets make it grow.

Membership Benefits

  • £99/year single payment or pay monthly with direct debit 
  • Recognisable Logo to place on your social media/website proving you are part of of the Registry
  • Free referrals for treatments from client base.
  • Access to Legal & Insurance advice.
  • Free promotion through our marketing.
  • Free Support if we can help we will
  • Business mentoring to becoming a successful Aesthetic Practitioner.
  • Free marketing on various social media promoting your skills

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