Welcome to the Registry of Aesthetic Practitioners & Registered Aesthetic Trainers.

The Registry of Aesthetic Practitioners & Regulated Training Companies is a much needed reference & review portal where aesthetic students and members of the public can search & find suitably qualified Aesthetic practitioners and regulated Trainers & Training Academies in the UK.

Aesthetic Practitioners you can now register to showcase your business, qualifications, & experience.  Link to your website, social media and portfolio of Aesthetic Treatments. Potential clients can contact you directly and arrange appointments. We can also refer clients to you who contact us looking for certain procedures or who we can recommend. Once we process your application, we can prove you have the correct qualifications, experience and can safely refer potential clients to you. That’s all included in your membership.

Aesthetic Trainers can now register to showcase your academy, which qualifications you offer, who your regulatory body is and prove experience that qualifies you to be a trainer. You can link to your website and social media. Students can contact you directly and arrange dates to train easily and quickly. Once we have processed your application and performed our checks we are happy to refer potential students to you, knowing they will be trained correctly & receive correct certification.

Students who are looking to train in regulated Aesthetics courses levels 3 – 5 or wish to take a specialist aesthetic course, can check the register of Approved Training Companies knowing that you will be training with properly qualified trainers & you will receive the correct certification. The registry is free to use no signup or commitment!

 We feature Aesthetic Practitioners & Training Academies who have passed our application process & who have proven qualifications and experience.. Training academies must have accreditation or a regulatory body membership to join.

To gain entry onto the registry you must hold regulated certificates between levels 3 to 7. Note: We do not accept level 3 beauty or holistic related certificates. This registry is strictly Aesthetic; breaking skin whether that is injectables or tattooing. If it involves a needle, blade or laser it is considered Aesthetics.

Each member can feature our logo on their website to show they have voluntarily joined the registry, completed the approval process and proudly belong to the only self regulating body for non medically and medically trained aesthetic practitioners that at last gives them credibility and a platform to show they are competent & capable to deliver aesthetic treatments based on their experience & not just a title that represents very little in individual ability and experience.

The registry can be accessed by anyone, industry professionals and members of the public. They can look up your information and click through to your social media, where they can see your reviews and the information about your treatments or training. R.A.P has a programme of advertising and marketing to push us out there into the spotlight of the Aesthetic world but we need your support too. This is your registry and is a NOT FOR PROFIT, everyone needs to know that R.A.P exists.

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Aesthetic Practitioner

To join the Aesthetic Practitioner register you must complete the registration form and upload your certificates showing qualifications and experience. This begins our approval process & we will be in touch.

aesthetic training

Training Company

To join as an Aesthetic Training Company, you must complete the registration form and upload copies of your AB certificate, all relevant teaching & Aesthetic qualifications for all staff members.

Membership Benefits

  • £99/year single payment or pay monthly with PayPal Subscriptions (we are not for profit and promoting you as a safe practitioner its a small fee to pay to stand out in a crowded industry and shows the general public you are a responsible aesthetic practitioner with the right qualifications)
  • Logo to place on your social media/website proving you are part of.
  • Free referrals for treatments from client base.
  • Access to Legal & Insurance advice.
  • Free promotion through our marketing.
  • Business mentoring to becoming a successful training company.
  • £149.99/year single payment or pay monthly with PayPal Subscriptions. (we are not for profit and promoting you as a safe training company, its a small fee to pay to stand out in a crowded industry where there are many not so great training companies)
  • Logo to place on your social media/website.
  • Access to CPD Aesthetics at a reduced rate.
  • Free referrals from students searching for training.
  • Access to Legal & Insurance advice.
  • Access to course writing & regulation advice.
  • Support from industry experts if you need it.
  • Free promotion through our marketing.
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What does Regulated mean?

Regulated certificates mean that your trainer has to have proven experience, a teaching or assessor qualification & policies in place to comply with the awarding body stipulations that regulates them. If you train with a regulated training company and you are unhappy with the quality of training, you can report them to their awarding body who will investigate on your behalf and try to resolve the problem if there is one.

If you train with an unregulated training company or trainer, then you have nowhere to go to complain to. Trading standards do not tend to get involved, unless someone has been hurt physically and taking a company to court to retrieve your money is a long process and not guaranteed that you will be successful.

There are many people in the beauty and aesthetics industry who have spent £1000’s on courses and have received bad training from academies or  companies that are not regulated and they have no recourse or anyone to complain to.  The only option is to retrain doubling their course fees or abandon the idea because they have no more money to invest in their aesthetic career.

R.A.P. wants to bring clarity and transparency to Aesthetic training companies & Aesthetic Practitioners. We are all passionate about our industry and we must protect it from being ruined by rogue practitioners and inexperienced trainers who are just out to make quick money. We need to squash the bad press and all those who bring disgrace with badly placed dermal fillers & poorly executed PMU, or maybe working without insurance or credentials.

Please support the registry and spread the word so together we can prove that our registry shows non medically trained Aesthetic Practitioners are capable of delivering procedures without harm to anyone & they have received correct training & training companies who offer standardised training courses through regulatory bodies and proper certification.

Regulating & Awarding Bodies in the UK

ofqual VTCT

Accreditation Bodies in the UK


aesthetic specific CPD Companies in the UK


Insurance companies for non-medical professionals